Help someone in danger.

As a live witness to a violent criminal act, your duty is to call the police. If you know that there is violence within a couple, you must intervene. By keeping silent, you are, in a way, condoning the perpetrator’s acts. And as police statistics show, the worst can happen in any social or family setting. Know that your involvement will not worsen the situation.

Remember that the separation process between a victim and a partner who display violent behaviours is long, and often involves going back and forth on one’s decision. The victim will press charges, and start legal proceedings only when she is strong enough. This is why the support of the people around the victim can not only help her get out of a bad situation, but even save her life. If the victim is isolated and without financial resources, it might be difficult for her to report her partner who display violent behaviours to the police and start proceedings.

Do something.

Report the crime.
If you witness criminal acts committed in a domestic context, call 911 immediately.

A victim of domestic violence often feels guilty and responsible for what happened, and getting her to report the crime may be an insurmountable challenge. This is why a family member or witness to the violent acts should report the perpetrator to the police if the victim does not do it herself. To help a person report domestic violence, you can prepare a rescue plan before acting, or refer to one of the numerous resources available.